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Everyone has financial goals but sometimes finding the cash to support an investment plan can be difficult.

We can help...


Committed to operating with the best standards and practices, maintaining excellence through respect, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of our operations, with shareholders and clients alike. We employ qualified personnel with local and international experience to cement the knowledge base of the company and avail such expertise to train and develop a discerning local team over time..

Mission Statement

The mission of Al Abbud Investment Group UAE is to provide unique and professional services using qualified and committed employees with appropriate resources by continually realizing existing customer's needs based on changing environmental, technological, political, economic and social factors.

Our Vision

It’s no longer just about investment management. You want to know that your professionals have a practical working knowledge of matters involving tax, investment, wealth management and trust management.


Real Estate Investment

real estate management, real estate brokerages, real estate development, construction, property sales.


Oil and Gas Investment

Investing in oil and gas today is very beneficial: offset high gas prices, tax incentives, financial rewards, own your own oil and gas.


Mining Investment

build, own and operate major mining and industrial facilities to serve the minerals beneficiation plants.

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